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Highway is a lightweight (2.2ko gzipped), robust, modern and flexible library that will let us create AJAX navigations with beautiful transitions on our websites. It's been a while we were trying to build this kind of library to fits our needs at Dogstudio and we now finally released it!

What is Highway ?

The concept of Highway is to provide a simple solution to create and manage AJAX navigation between pages of our website with beautiful transitions of our own.

Why Highway ?

We looked for a modern, simple, flexible and lightweight transitions manager to use on our projects at Dogstudio but the problem was that all these goals couldn’t be achieved with existing libraries of this kind.

We then decided to take our time to create Highway and make it open source hoping it could help others as much as it helps us in our daily routine.

The goals


Highway needed to be quite simple to setup so we decided to do most of the work in background and provide classes that can be extended and enriched with custom code.


Highway needed to stay flexible to let us take all scenarios into account. As we said in the previous goal, we are providing classes that can be extended and enriched with custom code.


When developing Highway we had to choose between either making it fully compatible with major browsers including IE11 or taking advantage of ES2015+ features to get a lighter library but with less browser support.

At first we chose to develop it in ES2015+ only to get a library that doesn't weight more than 2.2ko when minified and gzipped. Also we trully believe we have to lead the developer ecosystem with other agencies to the future.

But then since we are really kind at Dogstudio, we took more time to provide an ES5 version as well. This way we have the choice between a lighter version of Highway with less but still very good browser support or the ES5 one that is a bit heavier but that supports our old friend, IE11.

Now we get to know more about Highway it's time for us to install it.